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  • Chinese Bridge Summer Camp Themed with “The 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-South Korea Diplomatic Relations” Rounds Off


    On July 22, 2022, “The 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of China-South Korea Diplomatic Relations: Cloud Dialogues between College Students”, the Chinese Bridge online summer camp organized by Donghua University came to a successful conclusion. As 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of China-South Korea diplomatic relations, Donghua University and Dankook University together hold the Chinese Bridge online summer camp of the Center for Language Education and Cooperation and build the intercollegiate online communication platform which facilitates the friendly exchanges between the two colleges.

    75 college students from Dankook University participated in the project. The summer camp sets up eight classes of three levels: beginner, junior and senior and seven topics on Chinese. Interacting through the Classin platform, the students had a brand-new experience. The project contains various content: livestreaming Chinese courses, lectures, two-way communication between Chinese and South Korean college students, recorded courses and sharing on movies, pop culture, linguistic features and other topics. The project steps up the relation between the two countries’ college students.

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