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  • Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony of Sino-British Arts Institute in Shanghai Completed


    In the afternoon of August 31, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Donghua University and the Royal College of Art signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on the preparation of Sino-British Arts Institute in Shanghai. The signing ceremony was held at two venues in Shanghai and London, online and on-site at the same time.

    (The Three Parties Signing Memorandum of Understanding of Sino-British Arts Institute in Shanghai)

    The Royal College of Art (RCA), located in London, Britain, is the world's most long-standing graduate school of art and design, outstanding in its interdisciplinary subjects of art, design, engineering, technology and science. The college has 37 master's and doctoral education programs and five research centers. The Royal College of Art has been ranked number one for eight consecutive years in the QS World University Rankings for Art and Design, representing the highest level of design in the world. As a member of China’s “World First Class University and First-Class Academic Discipline Construction” plan, Donghua University is a multidisciplinary and high-level university with distinctive advantages in the fields of textiles, materials and design.

    Donghua University and the Royal College of Art will cooperate to cultivate advanced and international first-class talents in the fields of art, design and creativity, which is important to further promote the high-levelcultural exchanges between China and Britain, expand the in-depth cooperation and mutual understanding in the field of higher education between China and Britain, and support the development goal of Shanghai as an international design capital, fashion capital and brand capital.

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