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  • Application Guide for Doctoral Degree Program (2022 Intake)


    Study Duration:4 years

    Application Deadline:

    l for scholarships: March 31, 2022

    l for self-funded study: May 15, 2022 (early bird)

     June 15, 2022 (regular) 



    1. Be a non-Chinese citizen; be physically and mentally healthy.

    2. Having a certain financial capability; no criminal record.

    3. Age requirement:

    ü Scholarship applicants:no more than the age of 40

    ü Self-funded applicants:no more than the age of 45

    4. Educational Background: have earned a master's degree or its international equivalent.

    5. Language Proficiency:

    ü For Chinese-taught programs: the applicant's Chinese proficiency should be equivalent to at least HSK Level 5 (180 score).

    ü For English-taught programs: the applicant's English proficiency should be equivalent to at least IELTS Academic 6.0, or TOEFL IBT 80.




    Apply online for studying at DHU https://admissions.dhu.edu.cn

    Fill out the online application blanks step by step and upload the following application materials

    I.  All uploaded electronic documents must be scanned pieces of the original. Except for the ID photo, colored scan in PDF format of the documents is recommended.

    II.  Original documents not in the language of Chinese or English must be translated into Chinese or English, then be notarized, and uploaded together with the original ones.

    III.  Photos of the artwork must first be uploaded, then the original hard copies be post by express to International Student Admissions Office of Donghua University.

    IV.  Please be sure to complete online application and application fee payment before the application deadline. In any case, the application materials and application fee will not be returned.


    1.Passport (and visa) page

    l A clear copy of your valid passport with your name, photo, date of birth, place of birth, date of issue and date of expiry. The passport should have at least 6-month validity.

    l All visa pages are required if you have been to or if you are currently in China.

    2Diploma and certificates of graduation as well as the transcripts of all grades/semesters of both your master's and bachelor's degree period

    l All the copies must be of the original documents issued by the school or the government with the official seal and/or signature.

    l A description of grading scales along with the transcript sheets is highly recommended to be submitted.

    l If you are currently in the final year, you can submit a pending certificate, along with transcripts of all grades/semesters you completed. Once you receive the official graduate/school leaving certificate and the final transcripts, please submit them timely.

    * If admitted, the original documents should be provided and verified on enrollment day.

    3.Language credentials

    l Chinese-taught programs: HSK 5 Certificate (at least 180 score)

    - HSK Certificate can be exempted if the entire curriculum during the master's degree period was taught in Chinese. In this case, an official letter attesting to the Chinese taught curriculum with the seal and/or signature issued by the university/academic institution has to be provided.

    - An HSKK intermediate level certificate (at least 60 score) is recommended to be submitted.

    - Certificate of HSK 3 (at least 180 score) or above, including HSK 4, HSK 5 (less than 180 score) are acceptable. More details, please refer to the introduction to Pathway Program at http://www.karensplacemn.com/pathwayprogram/list.htm.

    l English-taught programs: Certificate of IELTS Academic at least 6.0, or TOEFL IBT at least 80

    - IELTS or TOEFL Certificate can be exempted if the entire curriculum of the master's degree period was taught in English. In this case, an official letter attesting to the English taught curriculum with the seal and/or signature issued by the university/academic institution has to be provided.

    * All language credential submitted for application has to be obtained within the recent two years. If admitted, the original documents should be provided and verified on enrollment day.

    4 Curriculum vitae

    l Written in the teaching language of the program you apply for, including your personal information, contact details, academic history, professional experience, publications and presentations, qualifications and skills, awards and honors, grants and scholarships, licenses and certificates, etc.

    l Gap between each experience should not exceed three months.

    5.  Research proposal

    l A research proposal in the essay format written in the teaching language of the program you apply for.

    l One to two pages to articulate coherently and concisely an outline of your research topic and why this research is important. Put your research proposal into context with published literature, and develop an initial research plan.

    6 Two recommendation letters

    l Written in English or Chinese by two people who know your competencies, personal character and accomplishments, include their names, signatures and contact details (especially email address).

    l At least one letter should be from a past or current professor or academic adviser. Another could be from someone in a slightly different role, including an employer, a research adviser, a senior colleague, or a professor from a different department.

    7 Supervision Confirmation Letter

    l All of the applicants are required to contact the DHU professors in the relevant research field to ask for a 'Supervision Confirmation Letter'.

    l If the professor is willing to be your future supervisor, please download the 'Supervision Confirmation Letter' from http://www.karensplacemn.com/brochures/list.htm, fill out and sign respectively by yourself and the professor. The date of professor's signature should be within six months prior to the application deadline.

    8.  Certificate of No Criminal Conviction

    The certificate should be issued by the local public security authority within six months prior to the submission date of the application.

    9.  Statement of Financial Support

    Download from http://www.karensplacemn.com/brochures/list.htm, fill the blanks and sign by the applicant and the sponsor.


    Other supplementary documents

    Any documents that might enhance your competitiveness, such as published papers, award letters, etc.


    Mandatory for application with entrance scholarship

    l CGS and/or SGS application form with your handwritten signature. Make the online application at CGS system https://www.campuschina.org/, and/or SGS system http://study.edu.sh.gov.cn/en/ first, then download the application form and sign.

    l Foreigner Physical Examination Form and relevant check result pages. Arrange a health check at the local hospital within six months prior to the submission date of the application. The health check result must be signed by the doctors or with the official seal. A reference template could be downloaded from http://www.karensplacemn.com/brochures/list.htm.


    Mandatory for application of art design related programs

    If you are applying for a Chinese-taught program in Design Studies, you are required to submit the original latest art works of one pencil sketch, one color painting, and art design portfolio relating to the proposed program. The size of all works must be 360mm*260mm.

    * Applicants at the status of  Under Review are required to attend the art examination on the designated date in June.


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