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  • Pathway Program 

    Donghua University Pathway Program is designed for Chinese-taught Bachelor's Program applicants who do not meet the language requirements yet. 

    You will have the chance of getting a conditional offer and study in a full-time Chinese language program for one year at Donghua University at a discounted rate!  

    Program Highlight

    1. Study the Chinese language Program at a discounted rate

    In two semesters of full-time studying in our General Chinese Program, you will bring your Chinese skill up to the required level.

    Original: CNY 10,200/semester

    Now: CNY 8,200/semester


    2. Take part in activities and workshops for free*

    - HSK training workshops

    - University activities

    - Lectures about Chinese culture, college preparation and other topics

    (*according to the arrangement of ICES)

    3. Apply for awards and scholarships

    - Chances to win an Excellent student Award during the Chinese language study.

    - Chances to apply for an Entrance Scholarships one more time on the condition that you pass the HSK 5 exam and submit your application before March 31, 2022.

    Outstanding students have the opportunity of being recommended in Scholarship applications. 


    2021 spring semester Application Season

    ? submit your application of Chinese-taught bachelor's program

    *please refer to http://www.karensplacemn.com/undergraduate/list.htm for application deadline and required materials

    if you get a conditional offer and 

    choose to take the Pathway Program 

    at Donghua University

    2021 fall semester


    ? Study Chinese at DHU for semester 1

    ? You are highly recommended to take an HSK 5 test by the end of this semester

    2022 spring semester

     Study Chinese at DHU for semester 2

    pass HSK 5

    ? You can choose to apply for Entrance Scholarships of 2022 fall intake.

    ? Outstanding students may be recommended. 

    fail in HSK 5

    ? Continue preparing for HSK 5 test

    ? You must pass an HSK 5 test and submit the score (of at least 180 score) by June 15, 2022

    2022 fall semester

     Degree Programs starts

    with an 

    HSK 5 certificate

    ? Enroll at DHU for your bachelor's degree with scholarship or as a self-funded student

    fail to submit 

    the HSK 5 certificate

    ? Your conditional offer will be cancelled.

    Find more details here: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/LT51TEaB2O1IjtR9XxiEUg 

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